Is Online Business for Me or Should I Look for Another Calling?

Is Online Business for Me or Should I Look for Another Calling?

Basically, there are two types of people interested in online business.

The first type are those who have heard that it’s trendy now, that you can make a lot of money, and so on. These folks jump into various business models and activities with the sole aim of making high incomes and then spending the rest of their lives on a soft sun lounger with a mojito in hand. Many of these “online entrepreneurs” soon give up, sometimes cursing, and continue working for a salary or doing quick gigs.

Then there’s the second type of people. These are the odd birds who were always “clicking” on the computer in school while their peers were playing soccer outside. These people simply love technology, computers, apps, the Internet. But that’s not all. They love learning new things, they love to experiment, and sometimes they do many things at once (which they enjoy). They might build a successful online business or they might not, but all the while, they do it with a tongue out and with great pleasure.

The question is, which type are you?

I tried to draw out some common traits of successful online folks, and here’s what I came up with:


Online entrepreneurs feel comfortable in the dynamic, ever-changing business and technological environment. They realize that “Everything flows, everything changes!” and this is especially true on the Internet. They know that at any time Facebook or Google might change their policies or technologies, that suddenly a strong competitor might appear from an inconspicuous co-working space, or that a new virus might hit their computer. Not that this doesn’t worry them, but they are accustomed to change and have the mindset to accept it and react appropriately and calmly when (not “if”) it happens.

The Innovators and Trend Setters

People who succeed online love novelties, innovations. They are interested in new technologies, new marketing methods, changes in communication methods, and new software products. In general, anything new (especially technological) excites them greatly.


Technologies are their greatest love. They are in love with their computer (sometimes), adore “clicking” through new apps, exploring websites, experimenting with new services or software products. Technology is their second self. They own several smartphones, gadgets, computers, and all sorts of other innovative, oddly-looking technological toys. They can install WordPress, work with Facebook Business Manager, and create an email campaign in MailChimp.

Sitting In Front of the Computer 12+ Hours a Day

Online businessmen realize that their business is managed through a computer and are ready to “click” on the computer for 12 and more hours a day. This is the most interesting activity for them “to work on the computer.” They can do it from home, the office, on a plane, in a cafe. Just leave them alone with their computer/tablet/smartphone.

Online Communication

These people much prefer and feel more comfortable communicating online—via email, WhatsApp messages, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack. They dislike talking on the phone and even sometimes get annoyed by face-to-face meetings. They love online communication and consider it completely natural, preferring it.

Introverts (Not Always)

It’s no problem for them to be in their own company. They are comfortable and happy being alone, thinking, working on their projects. They don’t always need human company, and solitude doesn’t scare them in any way. It’s fun and interesting for them to be alone. Often other people annoy them.

Constant Learning

The Internet in general and the online business in particular are under constant change. And from this it follows that anyone who wants to be successful in this field needs to dedicate a serious part of their time to getting acquainted with new things, to self-educate, to read, to watch online courses, etc.

Successful online people love to learn new things. They read a lot. They go through online training. They listen to podcasts. They experiment. They constantly want to learn something new in their field, and beyond. This makes them more creative and broadens their horizons. They are machines for absorbing and processing new information.

How many of the above 7 characteristics do you recognize in yourself? Have you already answered the question, “Is online business for me?”

However you answered that question, I’d like to offer you one unsolicited piece of advice:

“Please, dive into the sea of online business because you love and/or want to swim in it. Don’t do it just for the money.”

If you ignore my cheeky advice, it’s likely you’ll soon give up, fail, or just find it very difficult on the path to success in the internet business. So, follow your heart and swim for pleasure. Don’t just focus on the many dollar figures.