Some gurus say that the skills we have and which we perceive as "boring" or "normal" for us could be a highly valuable treasure for somebody else.

Below, you will find an attempt to roughly list the skills and knowledge I managed to acquire during the last 20-25 years.

Here is the short list:


  1. Finding and testing a profitable business idea.
  2. Composing a business model for a business; monetization strategies.
  3. Business planning.
  4. P&L and Balance Sheets.
  5. Launching a minimum viable product.
  6. Building a set of processes and operations framework for a department or business.
  7. Building a team.
  8. Business data analysis and reporting.


  1. Creating a marketing strategy and plan.
  2. Crafting a brand strategy.
  3. Go-to-Market Strategies; launches.
  4. Marketing data tracking and analysis.
  5. Conversion rate optimization.
  6. Social media communication and marketing.
  7. Email marketing and automation.
  8. Search Engine Optimization.
  9. Content writing and content marketing.
  10. Performance marketing and digital ads.
  11. Lead generation.
  12. Affiliate Marketing.


  1. Setting up a domain and hosting.
  2. WordPress websites setup and creation using Elementor, Divi, Gutenberg, etc.
  3. WebFlow websites setup and creation.
  4. Ghost websites setup and creation.
  5. Building an online store with WooCommerce.
  6. Building an online store with Shopify.
  7. Setup payment processors and third-party integrations for WordPress and Shopify.
  8. Database setup and management.
  9. Email marketing with MailChimp.
  10. Email marketing with MailerLite.
  11. Funnels setup with, Gumroad, ConvertKit.
  12. Prompt engineering for generative AI - ChatGPT, MidJourney.


  1. Graphical design.
  2. Print design and pre-press.
  3. Conversion-oriented design.
  4. Website and UI design.
  5. Books design.
  6. Posters and advertising materials design.

Administrative Work

  1. Professional documents formatting and design.
  2. Leveraging Excel, Google Sheets.
  3. Presentations structure and design.
  4. Business and marketing reporting.

Management and Productivity

  1. Project management.
  2. Agile project management.
  3. OKRs method.
  4. Getting Things Done.
  5. Kanban.
  6. Marketing management.
  7. Time blocking and management.

Mindset and Emotional Intelligence

  1. Emotional intelligence.
  2. Anger management.
  3. Anxiety management.
  4. Fear control.
  5. Habits building.
  6. Meditation.
  7. Silva Method.
  8. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Communication and Writing

  1. Content copywriting.
  2. SEO copywriting.
  3. Sales copywriting.
  4. Landing pages content writing.
  5. E-commerce content writing.
  6. Presentations and marketing materials copywriting.
  7. Social media copywriting.
  8. Email newsletter copywriting.
  9. Reports preparation and copywriting.
  10. PR crises resolution communication.
  11. Public speaking.
  12. Short fiction writing.
  13. Non-fiction writing.
  14. Ads copywriting.
If you think any of them could be valuable for you, just drop me a line and I will write more content (plus tutorials and videos) to share my knowledge and experience on the topics of interest.