Marketing Head's Journal (MHJ)

Marketing Head's Journal (MHJ)

Writing a journal is considered an important self-development practice. In my case, I would say - "life-changing" and "sanity-saving".

So, why not turning a personal-professional journal into a regular newsletter in which I share insights, ideas, know-how, reviews and a lot more? Boom. Done.

Here it is: "The Marketing Head's Journal".

What can you expect?

  1. Wrap-ups of my content in a digestable manner, so you can save time and still benefit the insights and know-how.
  2. Curated content around the topuc of the week. You will find selection of articles, books, thought leaders, reviews, analyses which cover the topic.
  3. News and announcements.
  4. Quick inspirational quotes written by me or other wise people. ;-)
  5. Answers to your questions.
  6. Solutions for my problems which (I believe) are your problems as well.
  7. Surprises.

Doesn't matter if you are a Marketing Head or "marketing head", I am sure you will have fun and will feel uplifted when reading The Marketing Head's Journal. It is being written by me, for you.

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